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Google Street View Ripon & Harrogate

Google Street View Car Opel Astra

Google Street View Car Opel Astra

Goole Street view really interests me and the closest its get to me is York and Leeds. I heard of a friend months ago that he had seen the Google street view car in Ripon, for the keener eye i also sported that it was a Euro import as it was badged up as an Opel and not a Vauxhall.

Anyway i was near the clock tower in Ripon, at the front of the traffic lights so hopefully i should be on street view when Ripon finally gets done, that’s if it was recording at the time.

I was so excited when I got back to work i told everyone, the car was heading up palace road and possible towards Masham.

I wonder how long it will take for the images to be put on to Google Street view.

The thing that puzzles me is where else will my car crop up, will it be on my drive, my parents drive, The work car park or elsewhere within Ripon.

I think this is something that not everyone will know what it is or recognise the importance of it