Fishing Lake Gilmore’s Ripon North Yorkshire

This is a site with 2 lakes, there only small and have a low number of pegs id guess around 10 to each lake.

The top lake mainly has smaller carp in probably up to the 10LBS marker, i have recently pulled a 9Lbs carp of of the lake  as well.

On Saturday the fish where biting wel,l and we caught around 10 small carp weighing in at just shy of 14LBS in about 3 hours, they where mainly caught on bread and some dog food at first. We had a few on float but mainly caught from the ledger rod.

The other lake we are hopefully going to fish next time, and aim for some larger carp.

Heres a picture of my mate and the keepnet of fish

Lee 14LBS Carp

Lee 14LBS Carp

14 thoughts on “Fishing Lake Gilmore’s Ripon North Yorkshire”

  1. the best days fishing ive had for a while. 15lb carp on top pond and 95lb in total over 6 hours lovely surroundins and very healthy ffish highly recomend

  2. had a good days fishing on top pond between islands caught a 9lb carp and seven others adveraging 4lb. owner says there biggest caught there was 12lb in top and 15lb in bottom last year and they are digging a new match lake this year.

  3. Hi Dave

    We caught our 13/14 lbs of carp between those islands too. i’ve heard that people had been poaching the carp out of both lakes. I wonder what the new match lake will be like.


  4. had a great days fishing on the bottome lake. Me, my dad and my dads mate all together got 140lb net of carp 1 lb being the smallest and 8lb being the biggest, great fighting fish, defonatley comming again over the comming summer. Daniel cracknell aged 17

  5. hi rory
    yeah I heard that too but he told me he caught two polish 2 years ago with a bag full dont think theres been any since, I was up there last weekend and asked him about the new lake and he said they are gonna organise there own matches with £100 first prize maybe more depending how many fish should be good. plus Daniel thats a good day on bottom lake what bait wre you using?

  6. hey rory
    could you give me directions to this lake from harrogate going to give it a go this week some time thanks

  7. I love this place I have only ever fished the top lake but have had 100s of carp from it to 10lb 6oz it really is a great peaceful location the owners are great bunch of lads.
    I have also had a 1lb roach and a 1.5lb rudd from here
    and my most cherished fish from here the LAKE RECORD golden orfe from the top lake caught on maggots!!! I have also had tench to 3 and a half lb

  8. Hi Rory. So to pay do you have to wait for the farmer and if so where will he be.

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