Everything Everywhere

Everything Everywhere is a new join operation between Britain’s two biggest mobile networks Orange and T-Mobile.

So what is it i here you ask, well if your on Orange and you loose signal but you would of theoretically got a T-Mobile signal if you where using them as your network operator, then you will now be allowed to use roaming to connect to the T-Mobile signal.

This is a first for Britain, where two mobile networks will allow you to share the signals.

There’s currently no cost for this and everything stays the same on your contract and bill. If you end up connecting to the T-Mobile signal it will still be classed as a cross network call and vice versa for T-Mobile Customers.

Orange have said that there users might get roaming messages popping up. But not to worry as there wont be any charges for using other networks.

T-Mobile have said that it will currently restrict coverage to 2G only so talking and texting only, so no mobile broadband.

If your phone starts using the T-Mobile signal it will still look for Orange every 30 minutes, when your aren’t using your phone and once it finds Ornage then it will switch back.

If your on T-Mobile then you can sign up here If your on Orange then here

This is a great joint venture from Orange and T-Mobile to allow you to share each others signals

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