Eddie Ilderton Referee

I’m not saying that refereeing a football game is easy as your constantly running about trying to keep the other officials in eye view but also watch at least 11 out of the 22 players on the pitch.

Last night i went to watch Leeds vs Leicester and Eddie Ilderton was the referee.

God it was awful, Eddie Ilderton is the worst referee that I’ve seen ever seen in 14 years of football and I’ve seen the great Pierluigi Collina.

He missed a blatent back pass to the Leicester goalkeeper Logan. he was feet away when this happened.

The Late Penalty that he gave to Leicester was more ball to hand as it bounced from the ground to the Leeds players arm.

Leicester Goal keeper Logan should of been of given a yellow card, one of their players fell after a corner and Logan tried to get the game stopped, after a few seconds he got back up and jogged off a bit, then it came back for a goal kick, the Leicester player sat back down again and Logan blatantly kicked the ball into the stand to stop play.

Again in the 2nd half a Leicester player clean wiped out Johnson out by clothes lining him, while they where running with the ball.

Its not only me that thinks Eddie Ilderton is poor check out a few quotes from a forum

“Bob, i agree with you the blokes a complete arse”, taken from this forum

He even has his own facebook group aptly named

Eddie Ilderton Worst Referee Ever
Eddie Ilderton Worst Referee Ever

To give him some glimmer of hope here’s a good review on this forum

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  1. Hey, came across you comment after searching with the phrase “Eddie Ilderton wanker”. I was interested to find out after he booked a Wednesday player,Nejc Pecnik, for time-wasting when we were 2 – 0 down… is the man a complete dickhead? It was clear why he was delaying taking the kick – we were trying to bring on a sub but the thick twat of a referee was wasting time by ignoring our manager. What a wanker.

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