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I was over at Stif Bikes yesterday and i happened to noticed the majority of bikes they had in Where an unknown brand to me called Cube. Now i’ve not really done much biking of late, but when i was younger it was all i did.

Cube LTD CC Rear Seat PostI saw the Cube 2011 LTD CC, It costs around £800 which is pretty reasonable for a mid range bike, but what i find more appealing is that it doesn’t look like a £800 it looks more like a £1200 bike.

The build quality looks second to none (I haven’t owned or been on one). The welding looks really neat the paint job is spot on i don’t think you could complain about anything on the bike, it comes in the following sizes 16″18″20″22″ so i’d probably opt for the larger 22″ knowing i can put the seat down over opting for the 20″and sitting really high.

The Rear Gears are dealt with via Shimano Deore XT and front via SLX, you get Shimano’s hydraulic disc’s. The only thing that i don’t like is the tyre width for me 2.2’s are to big i’d opt for a 1.9.

You can visit Cube’s and cahnge the langgaue to English in the top right.
Cube 2011 LTD

Cube 2011 LTD

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