Cost To Run Water Tank

After my previous post on the cost of running storage heaters, i thought i would do a post on the costs of running a water tank.

Since i have a Economy 7 tariff my water heater only come on at night after 12pm, on average my meter only rises by 5Kwh to re heat the water tank back to 40OC, i usually have a 2 showers a day and the tank has a water capacity of 206 litres.

If i don’t use the water heater on a evening then the water tank will do me for around 2/3 days  before it to cold to use. I haven’t tried raising the temperature up to 50OC as 40OC tends to be hot enough for me.

If i use the immerson heater it still takes 2/3 hours to heat a cold tank but it will be more expensive.

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