New Online Money Maker Scam Real Rewiev

So theres a new free money making website out called

The idea is that you read the news stories that they give you which is around 8 per day and then you get paid $2 per article you read. They are inturn been paid by the advertiser to advertise the article and are givin you a %  kick back from that.

It takes around 15 minutes if that to do your daily allowance of articles. Where it gets goods is that you can then reffer people to and get $9 PER SIGN UP and the 10 cents for every article the read. Once youve got 5 peolle signed up your status changes from beginner to active then you get paid more per sign up and more per article.

The truth is will anyone get paid. I havent yet reached the cash out total but for what will probably be 40/50 minutes of my time for $100 im going to give it a go as i wont loose anything. pay out via paypal and payzz i think. I would suggest signing up with different details from those you use for paypal just in case.

You will get new news stories every day on so dont worry if you run out.

7 thoughts on “ New Online Money Maker Scam Real Rewiev”

  1. you do not get news stories every day..or at least i don’t i signed up five days ago and there were 15 the first day and another ten the yesterday day, no others
    I referred a couple of people who are telling me there are NO news stories there for them to read.
    I hope it is legit but I doubt it.

  2. Hi Nicola

    ive been signed up for 2 days and had around 10 each day. Hopefully i’ll get more tommorrow or later tonight.

    Hopefully it is legit, years ago there where things like this where you were paid to view ad’s

  3. for some reason I cant get into my account and when I go to for got password and enter my email it was that this email has not been registered but when I try to sign up it say multiple emails for one ip address I don’t get it

  4. Hi April

    The multiple ip address bit means that theres 2 or more devices trying to access circumnews from your 1 internet connection.

    I’ve had that issue my email i reg’d with won’t send a password reminder

  5. I can not into my account as well! I was getting confused wondering did I forget my password I I emailed have not heard anything yet I been doing this for a week now WE Will see If they Email me back

  6. i have contacted the dept of labor in SC. they need a physical address for and i am not able to locate it yet..i am determined to get my funds or to make sure they don’t scam anyone else…i don’t quit, so i am in for a long battle..wish me luck….

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