Cheap Bike Lights Cree XM-L T6 1300LM

So the nights are starting to get darker and riding home is going to be getting slightly more risky over the next month or so, so i guess i’m going to need a set of lights for my Dawes XC 1.6.

Now i’ve seen £200 plus lights working like the Hope Vision 4 LED Front Light, that is one bright light. but since its a tad on the expensive side (lol) i don’t think i’ll be getting it.

Also its only like a 5 minute ride for me to get home and the roads aren’t particularly dark so my visibility isn’t to bad.

I didn’t really want to get cheap lights well because they are shit usually use huge battery’s and well they usually aren’t much good.

One my last bike a few years back i opted for some cateye lights in a set that cost around £30/£40, and they where ok and better than cheaper brands.

This time i’ve taken a slight gamble, not knowing how good this front light will be but it cant be any worse lighting wise than a cheap light.

I’ve bought a CREE XM-L T6 LED which is kind of a torch but you can mount it on your handlebars. it claims that its 100LM compare to the 1000LM of the ope light above. LM is short for Lumens it basicly how bright a light is the higher the number the brighter it is.

A car 60w light bulb (kinda a stand bulb on cars) is 800LM but its apparently not focused.

It only has one small but bright LED in the torch. there where some 1600LM lights but they where slightly more money and my thought was i know that the hope is bright at 1000LM so do i really need 1600LM

Maybe if i’m really impressed by the 1300 LM Cree T6 light that i get, then i might just upgrade next winter, thats if i’m still riding daily.

Anyway i’d do bit more of a detailed report when i get the light.

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