Challenge Xtreme Petrol Grass Trimmer 25cc Reviewed

I know that Challenge Xtreme is a pretty cheap brand so i didn’t expect the Challenge Xtreme Petrol Grass Trimmer 25cc to be like a £200 / £300 strimmer when it only costs £80 from Argos.

I needed a new Strimmer as the old electric one had died. I’ve already got a petrol lawn mower so i didn’t want to have to get all the leads out just for the strimmer when its only a quick job to go round the edge of the garden.

I’ve never owned a 2 stroke engine before but mixed was really easy, just fill the supplied mixing bottle up to the line and then top up with 2 stroke mixture (supplied) to the next line, give it a good shake and your done. The bottle will easily fill the petrol tank up and you do have a little left in the bottle. I cant say how long it will take for the tank to empty as i haven’t really used it much.

Its not a quick starting 2 stroke engine and you need to push the primer around 10 times but 3/4 pulls and it will start close the choke and your going.

The rotating head won’t rotate until you let out the lock for the centrifugal clutch which is good and a nice feature. Weight wise its a well balanced piece of equipment neither is it to light or to heavy.

The supplied strimming cord is pretty thick and only did me for around 2 cuttings of our medium sized back garden, but i’m going to put slightly thinner stuff in this time.

It did take me some time to get familiar with the higher angle i needed to use to strim with put the supplied shoulder strap took the weight for me.

Below are the tech specs on the Challenge Xtreme Petrol Grass Trimmer 25cc

The self assembly was pretty easy all i needed to do was fit the handle and the safety Guard for above the cutting head. oh and clamp the 2 shafts together

  • Petrol grass trimmer.
  • 25cc engine.
  • 2 stroke engine.
  • Requires 2 stroke oil (supplied).
  • Cutting width 38cm.
  • Bump feed.
  • Dual line feed system.
  • Low vibration.
  • Weight 5.2kg.

28 thoughts on “Challenge Xtreme Petrol Grass Trimmer 25cc Reviewed”

  1. I must agree with the above review as have just purchased an Challenge Extreme Strimmer and have to say it is an excellent machine, very easy to assemble and as the drive shaft can split on two it is also easy to store. However with regards to starting, I have found that my machine starts with no problems, prime the carburator, close the choke, and within 2 pulls it starts every time. With regards to fuel usage, the area that I cut takes over 2 and a half hours non stop cutting and the Extreme handled it with no problems and only used a little over 1 tank of fuel, also I still have line left on the spool having now used it for over 4 hours of strimming.

  2. Looking for spares for Challenge Extreme Grass Trimmer 30cc SGT30N could you please advise.

  3. Not really sure what i could suggest maybe try a local lawnmower repairs place

  4. A great little machine well worth the money, have had no problem with the starting having eased off on the choke a little instead of full choke starts every time..why pay £200+ for a trimmer when this machine will do the job perfectly well its reliable and well built, well worth the £79.99 Argos price…. 5 stars all the way!

  5. I’ve found that out to with the choke, just a little from the top and it starts a lot better

  6. Rory.
    I’ve had a few similar 2 stroke engines in various bits of kit, and the trick is to make sure the choke is fully off while you’re priming the carb, then open it half way for starting. Give it a try, it’s always worked on mine! 🙂

  7. Does anyone know how to change the cutting cord/line? Do I buy a new spool and line or is there an easier way of rethreading the line? Thanks.

  8. re threading.

    Easiest way i found is to wedge the cord in one of the cuts in the spool. if you know what i mean, i can do it in a about 5 minutes if that now

  9. i have a challenger exteme trimmer and need a full clutch for it,is it possible to get spare parts for this trimmer as i have tried and unable to locate what i need.

  10. engine starts and runs well but when you put it down it wont cut,took it to a repair place and he said could be the clutch gone?

  11. My challenge extreme strimmer needs new cutting wire but cant get the head disconnected ,it says turn the knob at bottom in anti clockwise direction but it wont budge, i used to be a fitter and have had it in the vice and used a filter extraction leather strap on it but still it wont move ,any advice.

  12. Hi DAve sorry i don’t know that info. a local repair place should be able to help you

  13. Hi I’m after the spool and bolt whilst strumming the grass it came off anyone know where i can get one from

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