Britains Best Male Actors

Joe Gilgun

Joe is now probably best known for his recent role in This is England 86.

Joe Gilgun

When i first saw This Is England the film i thought he was a great actor and played the part of Woody well. After the film he went on to Emmerdale where he played Eli Dingle. Joe’s voice makes him stand out from the crowd. He usually plays bit of a jack the lad style character.

David Tennant

I did a Post on David Tennant when he left Dr Who, saying how hes been the best recent Dr Who and how when Matt Smith leaves they should bring him back.

Heres a Youtube clip containing varying scenes from the last Dr Who series

He’s doing a new program called Single father, which looks really good. Its great to see him back on TV, even if it isn’t as the Dr.

Dean Lennox Kelly

You’ll probably know him best as Kev Ball from Shameless, yes he had a ring’d Ford XR3i. After this he didnt really do much.

He did appear as Shakespeare though in Dr Who and he did a really funny film called Frequently Asked Questions About Time travel, and below is the funniest sketch from the film and shows Dean at his best.

Ricky Tomlinson

He’s done a few films, but is famously known and associated with Jim Royle. The Royle Family was a massive hit in the 1990’s and is one of those programs you could watch all day. Jim always makes a joke about Cheryl’s weight which i love. Best shown around 40 seconds into the below clip

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