Protein Skimmer DT-1516

Boyu Protein Skimmer DT-1516

Protein Skimmer DT-1516Heres another dry review of a piece of equipment sent from Firstly the Boyu DT-1516 is so much bigger than i expected but then it is rated for tanks upto 600 litres, i figure my 2ft cube will be around 275 plus say 100 litres in the sump  so this Boyu DT-1516 Protein Skimmer should easily handle my tank, stocking wise it will be taken slow and steady, probably with Clowns at first and then Gobies with larger fish later on like a Fox Face.

I have had some brief experience with protein skimmers before but it was a small hang on the back type, in fact it was a TMC V2 Nano. With this been an in sump protein skimmer it might take a little more fiddling with to setup, but hopefully it won’t be anything to complicated.

The only let down that i could find with the Boyu Protein Skimmer DT-1516 was the instructions, with the been a Protein Skimmer DT-1516 Box InstructionsChinese manufactured piece of equipment the instructions where in what i’d class as broken English, this shouldn’t really slow me down to much in setting it up, but if your someone that likes to read the instructions then you might find it a hard read.

Protein Skimmer DT-1516 Needle Wheel
The pump comes with a needle wheel for the pump which should help with bubble creation.
The Pump also had a nice feel to it and attached easily and quickly to the main body of the protein skimmer.

Protein Skimmer DT-1516 PumpI’ve got a close up of the pump just in case your reading this review wanting to know a little more about the pump which is rated at 1400LPH. This felt like a really nice little pump.

I was slightly worried when i saw the size of the protein skimmer as its big, but I’ve got a couple of in sump shots which you can see below.
Protein Skimmer DT-1516 In Sump

I’ll be re visiting this skimmer a few months down the line when there is some bio load in the tank and i can do a review on the product performance.  You can checkout the range of protein skimmers from All Pond Solutions Here, see below for a video from All Pond Solutions.

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  1. Hi, I recently bought a complete saltwater tank and sump from someone and it has this skimmer with it, after cleaning the skimmer it’s now producing extra bubbles in the water and I’ve been told that it needs tuning?? Unfortunately I wasn’t given the instruction manual with it and I can’t seem to find a copy online, do you know where I can find one or would you be able to post a copy of yours for me to print off at home please? Otherwise I don’t know what to do!! Thank you

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