BBC Doesn’t Produce Good Comedies Anymore

I was watching back some old Royle Family DVD’s the other night and the BBC don’t have comedies like they had. Ok Outnumbered is rather funny but thats it.

Royle Family ran from 1998 to 2000 and had 23 episodes. its going to remembered as a classic comedy, below is a funny sketch that always makes me laugh.

I don’t know why we can’t have good comedies anymore theres jsut shite on bbc3 like that the lee howard show

Heres a few quotes from the Royle Family

Mary Carroll: Look at Anthony’s hair. He looks like a little choir boy.
Jim Royle: He looks like a little gay boy.

Jim Royle: Anthony, if that’s the invisible man, tell him I can’t see him.

Jim Royle: I’ve joined the dance
Roger Kavanagh: What dance is that, Jim?
Jim Royle: The REDUNdance

Denise Royle: You’re tight as a crab’s arse, you, Dad.
Jim Royle: Crab’s arse, my arse, it’s two pound fifty phoning next door!

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