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BabyBanzBabyBanz are sunglasses for toddlers. Normally with little toddlers you have the problem of them taking there sunglasses on and off or infact just off. So someone has had the great idea of BabyBanz.

BabyBanz are suitable from 0-2 years. If you still like the concept of BabyBanz but your child is to old or they don’t fit then you can get kidzbanz for 2-5 yr olds.

You can pick BabyBanz up for around £10 from varying online retailers. Theres amassive range of styles of colours from Baby pink for Girls and blue for boys.

The design of the BabyBanz polycarbonate frames on the sunglasses allows for a close fit to the baby’s face with minimal or no UV leakage from the sides. this means that they are a lot better than normal sunglasses and offer  great protection for you little ones.

Also Babybanz are fully compliant with EU sunglasses standard BSEN 1836:1997 and they carry the CE mark. This means that they’ve been tested to really high standards.

Baby Swaddling

This is basically where to wrap your baby’s body in a blanket so that they stay warmer during sleep, its often said that its an old technique, but it works.

Our baby girl would often remain awake after night feeds for at least an hour, we last night swaddled her in a thin blanket and she went back to sleep within minutes. We often found that once we’d rocked her to sleep we attempt to put her in her moses basket and she’d often wake up.

Baby swaddling in our minds works well, its claim that it makes them feel secure like they where when they where in the womb.