All Pond Solutions WM3000 Powerhead

I’ve recently been sent a All Pond Solutions WM3000 Powerhead direct from them to review.

On the website they call them wavemakers and they call a pump a powerhead. But since I’ve always referred to them as a powerhead this is what I’ll call them in this review.

All Pond Solutions WM3000 BoxThe WM3000 Powerhead retails for £27.99 on which is pretty cheap when you compare it to a relevant Hydor Koralia 3 3200L/H will cost around £45 online. So these Powerheads are pretty cheap compared to other leading brands that you can buy online.

All Pond Solutions WM3000 AttachmentsIn the box you’ll get a sucker attachment and a more popular magnet attachment. If it was me i would advise using the magnet attachment as the suckers are only small and there’s only 3 on the holder, and the last thing you need is to come home to find a small sand storm in your tank due to the suckers un attaching themselves from the glass of the tank, I’ve had this with more expensive brands.  Of course one thing to bare in mind is children maybe not your own but other family members kids may accidentally be drawn to to the outer magnet attachment and if they are strong enough maybe able to pull it off, so remember to place out of reach.

All Pond Solutions WM3000Another thing that really impressed me was the thickness of the electricity cable, usually with cheaper products you’ll find a cheaper cable has been used but not with these powerheads. You can probably see in the picture to the left.


All Pond Solutions WM3000 PartsShould you run into any issues the then the casing just twists in half and you can inspect your impeller. You do need to be careful when re assembling though as the top of the impeller sits in the front of the powerhead in a small casing, so don’t force the front back on if there is resistance.

All Pond Solutions WM3000 ImpellerI’ve done a close up shot of the impeller to the left it doesn’t feel as well made as other popular brands, but if it performs well then I’m not that bothered.



My tank isn’t quite ready to be filled yet so there’s no performance reports yet, but I’ll be back with a report when this has been in the tank and been running for a month or so, i then feel i can give a more honest review of the product performance of the WM3000 from All Pond Solutions

Here’s a video showing the varying models that All Pond Solutions do and there performance.

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