A Dads Guide To In The Night Garden

When i first watched in the night garden with my daughter i found it really complicated to know who was who and what they where called.

1: Igglepiggle

igglepiggleHe’s the blue dude that carrys his red blanket around everywhere. He looks like a teddy bear. If he falls over don’t worry he’s probably suprised. Igglepiggle doesnt speak but he has a bell in his left foot a squeak in his tummy and a rattle on his left hand.





2: Upsy Daisy

Upsy DaisyShes like a rag doll with brown coloured skin, with really brightly coloured clothes, her hair will stand on end when excited or suprised. Often makes funny noises and commonly says her own name.





3: Makka Pakka

makka pakkaThis little guy is a creamy colour and loves cleaning things including the other in the night garden characters. Makka Pakka will often sing his own song. He’s often seen pushing his Og-Pog aka a trolly which carrys soap and his sponge for cleaning. Makka Pakka is a lot smaller that the other carachters exluding The Wottingers and The Pontipines.




4: The Tombliboos

The TombliboosUnn Ooo and Eee these tubby little guys seem to live on the inside of a hedge which has multiple levels and is connected via chutes and ramps. Unn is Red & Green, Ooo is Brown and Purple, Eee is Pink and Yellow. Unn is the only female Tombliboo.

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