Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine Won’t Spin

Recently I came a across a problem with my new Samsung WF80F5E0W2W Bubble Washing Machine. It had been working fine for around 2 months with varying loads of type and weight been thrown into it and it been fine.

Anyway, the other day is was loaded with a complete bedding set for a single bed and 1 pillow.

We had been used to an older style washing machine where it would just work whatever the conditions.

Anyway it washed fine but it hadn’t spun so everything was still wet, we put it on a spin but it just rev’d and whirred but never spun at the 1200 it was meant too. It would complete the spin cycle but never spin. We tried this a few times and it never spun. I tried taking everything out and trying the different spin speed and it was still the same.

We left the washer turned off and empty for 1 day and when we used it next it span fine.

Eventually, we got a Samsung repair guy out and he said that the new digital washers are really sensitive to the loads that they have in them, so if it feels like its off-balance (with a heavy object on one side) it won’t spin. The washer may go back and forth in an attempt to dislodge the items that are stuck and to re balance its self.

He said the best thing to do is keep putting it on a spin cycle if this doesnt work after 3 attempts to remove 1/2 of the load loosen the remaining washing and put on a spin cycle.
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Great 4 A4 Pacifics

Great Gathering York National Railway Musuem

So what is the Great Gathering, its to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Mallards speed record which was accomplished by running down stoke bank and hitting 126MPH. Only 6 of the original 35 Gresley A4’s are still in exsistance, and three of those are running.
The NRM has managed to get all of them bac together which is some major feat as 2 of them have been state side since the 60’s.

Yes we have seen the 4 UK’s A4’s together back in 2008.

Great 4 A4 Pacifics

Union of South Africa, Sir Nigel Gresley, Bittern and Mallard

But with the Great Gathering all remaining A4’s are coming together. For what i imagine could be the last time as the sheer cost of getting 4496 Dwight D Eisenhower & 4489 Dominion of Canada to the UK, both where shipped from Halifax in Canada traveling  2,527 miles.


 4464 (BR 60019) Bittern

So Bittern  has had bit of a strange history too say the least she was withdrawn from service by British Rail on 5th September 1966 and was then bought by Geoff Drury on 12th September 1966. I’ve had a look around on the net for a sale figure but i can’t find anything.

Bittern was sadly sold with several major defects and due to its future withdrawal from service coming up, British Rail only fixed the cracked frames as a short term issue.

Bittern as SilverfoxBittern was now operating out of the York Depot running specials, but this was short lived due to the faults that she carried. Bittern then moved to Dinting Railway Centre, near Glossop, with little running done during this period. Late 1987 NELPG took a long term loan of Bittern, needing major repairs and cosmical work as well  Bittern was now to change into its sister 2509 Silver Link and made a static display at  Stephenson Railway Museum in Newcastle and then moved on to NRM.

In 1988 3 of the 6 A4’s where on show outside NRM  4468 Mallard and 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley both of these where in steam at the time.  60009 Union of South Africa was been overhauled so couldn’t make the appearance, 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley was carefeully placed next to the static Silver Fox to make it appear it was in steam.
Mallard Silverfox-Bittern & Gresley

As the years went on 1995 is the next major year as Silver Fox AkA Bittern was taken to Great Central Railway in Loughborough, to under go restoration to full working order (Only Cosmetic work was done around 1987). Due to varying financial issues and other sales of the A4 this restoration was not completed till after 2001 when she was moved to Mid-Hants Railway in Hampshire.

On 19 May 2007 Bittern was returned to its former glory and steamed for the first time since the 70’s and ran with her British Railways lined green livery and carrying her British Railways number, 60019.

The story doesn’t end there

During the winter of 2010/2011 Bittern was receiving maintenance which also included a new identity 4492 Dominion of New Zealand (BR number 60013). It ran in LNER Garter Blue it also had some original side valances re fitted, yes it was de valanced as Bittern but when it was the static “Silver Fox” it had full valences fitted, the loco ran this for 3 years.

Bittern still runs in LNER Garter Blue but carries its own numbers and name. To celebrate 75th anniversary of Mallards speed run the loco has been allowed to run on the main line at speeds of up to 90mph, currently all steam locos are limited to 75mph. This will only happened after some very strict testing, timers on the footplate of bitter are claimed to have hit 92.5MPH.

On a slight side note there’s quite a few videos on youtube but from what i can see the speed runs seem to have 10 coaches but other videos can show 12

4489 (BR60010) Dominion of Canada

For the Dominion of Canada I’m going a bit backwards as this is a sad case of neglect.

After been left abandoned at Darlington for many years Dominion of Canada needed a cosmetic makeover before going anywhere. In 1966 she donated to the Canadian Railroad Historical Association (CRHA) by British Rail. She was basically left to rust in Canada with vary pieces going missing from her, its rumored that a cosmetic overhaul was due to happen in 2010 but this never happened.

Heres a picture taken when she arrived at Shildon.

A4 4489 (BR60010) Dominion of Canada

Thank you to Doc Brown for letting me use his picture to show the appalling condition of part of our heritage.

Exactly what part of this magnificent A4 is PRESERVED, in short its just a mess and this is the reason why it should NOT be shipped back to the Canadian Railroad Historical Association (CRHA). If Dominion of Canada was in the UK Static or not there is no way that this would of happened.

So 2011 rolls round and NRM say that they are planing to bring 4496 Dwight D Eisenhower & Dominion of Canada back to the UK in 2012.
I strongly believe that Canadian Railroad Historical Association (CRHA) had no intention of a cosmetic overhaul for her, knowing that NRM would want her back for the 75th anniversary.

Anyway heres a picture of the above in her new livery.
BR 60010 dominion of canada

Should she be shipped back ????

4496 (BR60008)Dwight D Eisenhower

4496 was withdrawn from service and moved to Doncaster sheds on 19 July 1963 for a cosmetic overhaul before been shipped over to the states.

Other than an early name change from Golden Shuttle, Dwight D Eisenhower has led a relatively normal life within working time and then straight to static display.

Noticed how the nameplate has been restored with the black background and all linkages are stripped to metal, not an awful silver colour. Something else to bear in mind is that she now wears the correct Green livery.
Heres the restored loco now Situated at York NRM, thank you to Doc Brown for letting me use his picture (Again)

6008 Dwight D Eisenhower

I’ve got the below info from someone who works on a well known preservative Railway

A loco with a long boiler certificate (they have to be certified every 10 years to be safe to steam, and it’s expensive to refurbish them) is worth, as a rule of thumb, about £600K. So it would depend what premium someone might pay to acquire a loco with lots of historical significance. Mallard (which has no certificate, and is therefore a static exhibit only) has significance in spades. World’s fastest loco etc. Could be worth £3 million (the NRM paid £2.3M to acquire the Flying Scotsman loco – an A3 class – almost 10 years ago).

The 3 UK based ones that are runners could be worth up to £1M apiece (the £600K above plus a bit), if they had a long boiler certificate. As it runs down, the value will go down with it, maybe to £200-300K as the certificate expires. The two brought back from North America weren’t in great condition, especially the Canadian one. Poss £100K?

All guesswork, and unless one went up for sale you’d never really know.

So say that the Dominion of Canada is worth around £100,000 would some UK benefactor stump up the cost to keep the loco over here.

The second question is how much would it cost to get it back to a running loco.
Surely theirs more value having another running A4 even for it to sit beside Sir Nigel Gresley up on the North Yorkshire Moors would truly be a sight to behold.

So what was it like seeing them all in one place amazing. Ive been lucky to get up close to Sir Nigel Gresley running at speed on the moors and since then A4s have appealed to me even more.

Top & Bottom

Installing 5050 LEDS

When we got our new kitchen fitted i was looking to get down lighters installed under the cabinets, but after quite a bit of looking around i soon decided that they would use a lot of power so started looking into LEDs.

Ebay was naturally cheaper than most websites as the kits come in bulk from China. You do need to be slightly careful here as some of the cheaper kits might not include a power unit (Similar to a laptop charger) buying these alone can be around £10-£20, or be located in China, so if your in a hurry check that the item is located in the UK. and the LED kit i bought only cost £27 delivered.

There are also other things to look into what type of LED 5050 or 3528, a 5050 LED chip is bigger than a 3528 LED and also in theory 3 times brighter each 5050 LED will use around 0.24w.
I found that using two 5 RGB meter strips running all three colours of 5050 LEDs to create white used around 72watts of power and running a solid color IE Green or Red would use around 34watts. On standby the power consumed by the adaptor was around 1.2watt

3528 or5050 LEDThere is also the amount of LEDs per strip 150 or 300 per 5 meters i went for 300, mainly because i wanted to use the kitchen by this lighting only if possible.

The main issue i had was that i wanted to run 2 5metre kits from one control box but i needed to run at least 3 metres of cable around the ceiling to get to the other side before the LEDs started, now while this doesn’t seem like a big deal i wasn’t sure whether the voltage would drop or if the box could handle the distance.

I stared with the cupboards on the oven side of the kitchen as this is where i was getting power from, all the controls are sat on top of the right hand unit.

I ran some 4 core flat cable down the back on the unit which allowed me to connect the bottom row of LEDs up using a connect which i soldered cable to cable and the used the laptop strip push crimp connector to connect to the strip of LED’s. I then ran a cable from the end of the bottom row down a channel and under the work top and along the side of the left hand wall to start the top LED’s for the left hand cupboard. To get to the bottom LED’s i just fed a cable to them, soldered cable to cable connection and used the same connection as the right hand side. the only difference here is that the bottom row only needs connecting at one end.

The next part was the bit i was worried about running along where the wall meets the ceiling to the other side of the kitchen. I used an electrical connection block after the first strip of LED’s where the cable goes down the wall to join in the new extension cable to feed the other side of the kitchen. But before i ran the cable i tested the LED strip in its full 5m length (I bought 2 kits) and the 10 metres of cable knowing if its worked at its longest length then halving it it would be fine. If it didn’t work then I’d need to address this later.

I put the LED’s in place on the top and bottom of the unit and wired up behind the cabinets.
Top & Bottom
Its fair to say that the kitchen is lit up pretty well by these LED strips alone.
5050 LED lighting only

Fancy a change in colour
5050 LED Blue

5050 LED Red

5050 LED Green

There are about 20 other shades on the control which is pretty cool.

One thing i would recommended is using the connectors like the one on the left.
5050led con

The ones on the right where very hard o get right and would often not work due to how they connected on to the LED strip.

Although the ones on the left require you to be slightly more careful when soldering they worked a lot better at connecting all 3 colour channels.

Everything i bought came from eBay.

Common issues with 5050 LED’s

Heres some issues i ran into

I’m missing a colour

If you’ve cut and reconnected your LEDs, then its a connection problem at the end of the last working LED Strip.

If none of the LED’s work fiddle around with the connection to the last strip you might see them flicker.





EGR Valve Cleaning 1.9cdti

Here is a quick photo guide of how to clean your EGR Valve, my car is a Vauxhall Vectra C with the 1.9cdti 150 engine on a 2006 plate. Its got around 46k on the clock and a few months back the EML came on a quick trip to a local Auto Electric place confirmed it was the EGR Valve stuck error.

Apparently these can stick quickly and then free them selves but still throw the error up or then can cease permanently. Anyway the light came on again so i decided that it was probably worth taking off the EGR Valve and giving it a good  clean and the mouth of the inlet manifold.

I’m not a mechanic by trade but i felt confident that this was easy enough to fix and probably took me around 40 minutes.

Things you will need

10mm Spanner or Socket
13mm Spanner or Socket
Flat head screw driver
Carb/Injector cleaner (i used 2 cans)
Small Paintbrush

1: Pop your bonnet and it should look like the below
Vectra C 1.9cdti Engine Bay

2: Lift off the black plastic engine cover, these are quite flexi and hard to damage
Vectra C 1.9cdti Engine Bay No Cover






3: Your now looking at a bare engine, your EGR Valve is directly under the top right engine mount.

4:Undo the nuts that are holding the engine mount on, don’t drop the nuts.
EGR Valve With Engine Mount






5: You’ll now have something like
EGR Valve Without Engine Mount

6: There is a sensor cable which attaches to the plastic side of the EGR Valve, i found this fiddly to remove whilst bolted to the engine, so i left it attached until the EGR Valve was free and removed then, now remove the bolts i would suggest leaving a top one till last, there is also a metal gasket between the EGR and inlet mani, mine was stuck to the engine, but be careful and try not to lose it.

7: The bolts should loosen off easily and you’ll have something like this, you can just see the black gasket, on the inlet mani
EGR Valve Free




8: There are the 2 top bolts here which connect to a loose bracket, underneath of the EGR. To be honest you can remove these first if you want, infact its probably easier, i think that there is a gasket under this between the EGR and the connection, anyway I’ve lost mine and all seems fine.

9: Your EGR Valve is now free but remember to disconnect the Sensor. You should have something like the below.
EGR Valve




10: As you can see mines pretty caked with soot, soak with Carb Cleaner and wrap a rag around the screwdriver to clean the inside, if i had the time, i would of left the EGR Valve to soak in Carb Cleaner over night.

Now all you need to do is fit the EGR back on to your car. a word of warning before you start your car.

Mine didn’t want to start the first time and it did idle roughly for a minute or so, which I’m putting down to loose soot and Carb Cleaner.

Challenge Xtreme Petrol Grass Trimmer 25cc Reviewed

I know that Challenge Xtreme is a pretty cheap brand so i didn’t expect the Challenge Xtreme Petrol Grass Trimmer 25cc to be like a £200 / £300 strimmer when it only costs £80 from Argos.

I needed a new Strimmer as the old electric one had died. I’ve already got a petrol lawn mower so i didn’t want to have to get all the leads out just for the strimmer when its only a quick job to go round the edge of the garden.

I’ve never owned a 2 stroke engine before but mixed was really easy, just fill the supplied mixing bottle up to the line and then top up with 2 stroke mixture (supplied) to the next line, give it a good shake and your done. The bottle will easily fill the petrol tank up and you do have a little left in the bottle. I cant say how long it will take for the tank to empty as i haven’t really used it much.

Its not a quick starting 2 stroke engine and you need to push the primer around 10 times but 3/4 pulls and it will start close the choke and your going.

The rotating head won’t rotate until you let out the lock for the centrifugal clutch which is good and a nice feature. Weight wise its a well balanced piece of equipment neither is it to light or to heavy.

The supplied strimming cord is pretty thick and only did me for around 2 cuttings of our medium sized back garden, but i’m going to put slightly thinner stuff in this time.

It did take me some time to get familiar with the higher angle i needed to use to strim with put the supplied shoulder strap took the weight for me.

Below are the tech specs on the Challenge Xtreme Petrol Grass Trimmer 25cc

The self assembly was pretty easy all i needed to do was fit the handle and the safety Guard for above the cutting head. oh and clamp the 2 shafts together

  • Petrol grass trimmer.
  • 25cc engine.
  • 2 stroke engine.
  • Requires 2 stroke oil (supplied).
  • Cutting width 38cm.
  • Bump feed.
  • Dual line feed system.
  • Low vibration.
  • Weight 5.2kg.

18650 Battery Charger

If you’ve got some 18650 Batteries then your going to need a charge, i opted for a cheap one that included 2 batteries from eBay. It charges them for around 4 hours in which time the charge light goes from cherry red to a more orange / red.

My batteries are only lasting around 1 week on full power for around 15/20 minutes of use. and towards the end of the week you can tell that they are starting to die off, as there is less output from the light.

If you find your light won’t cycle through modes properly then its more than likely a weak battery over a faulty light unit.